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Richard Dawkins What if you are Wrong?

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‘What lies at the heart of every living thing is not a fire, warm breath, nor “a spark of life”. It is information, words, instructions...Think of a billion discrete digital characters...If you want to understand life think about digital technology.’

Richard Dawkins: The Blind Watchmaker

OK, as requested, I will think on these things. We all use digital systems nowadays and everything that exists in the world of electronic technology works according to this principle. So if we are to think about life we are instructed by no less an authority than Richard Dawkins, to think about this kind of technology. So I looked up digital technology on Wikipedia and it gave the following list under the heading historical.






Morse code

Braille (a binary format using six bit code rendered as dots patterns)

Flag semaphore

In amongst all these sits the one Dawkins was presumably referring to in the quoted reference: ‘it is information, words, instructions...Think of a billion discrete digital characters’

His reference is to DNA.

These examples of digital technology are instructive.

The beacon struck me as significant, because it is among the most primitive and simple. When used as a device to convey more complex messages than a warning, a blanket can be passed over the flames, causing puffs of smoke to arise at agreed intervals. A distant watcher would then know that his wife had prepared dinner or their son had brought home an unsuitable girlfriend. In either case he would hurry back home. This is digital information reduced to its simplest component parts, whereas DNA is digital information at the apex of complexity.

Now I have as instructed followed Dawkins to the letter and in the process have discovered that each of the following: Language / Abacus / Beacon / Morse code / Braille / and Flag semaphore of both types are immediately recognised as the product of purposeful intent and intelligent design. Each one developed for one reason only: to convey information. Not one of them came into being without a human designer. We have Neo Darwinism to thank for the fact that sitting alone, like a wall-flower at a party, is the finest and greatest example of digital technology. Looking around at the other contestants it may think itself the obvious gold medal winner: but that is not to be. It is an interloper, a fraudulent unit posing as one intelligently designed: as if it had been created with purposeful intent. So it is cast out like a Cinderella to squat as a skivvy in a cellar, expelled from decent society, simply because it has no human inventor. And yet it is, as Dawkins himself confesses, a piece of digital technology.

The origins of language and other methods of delivering information, such as sending smoke signals, go back many thousands of years. Since that time the world has changed beyond all recognition. And yet DNA, the outsider in the digital stakes preceded human kind and is ultimately responsible for everything achieved by mankind. DNA, which, according to evolutionists goes back to the distant dawn of life, remains totally unchanged. The first and most primitive multi cellular organism had DNA, RNA and proteins working in necessary co-operation with one another from the very beginning. It is a system both intricate and complex and one which we cannot either replicate or compete with, even in a world full of digital and space age technology. DNA, the first and most brilliant miracle of biology is nevertheless still thought to be the product of mindless matter. And this happened while Natural Selection was still tucked away unseen and unheralded in Mother Nature’s capacious birth canal.

Natural selection had nothing whatsoever to do or say about the evolution of this particular piece of digital kit. Nor did the Neo-Darwinist addition to Darwin’s original theory, because genetic mutations could not have been involved either. A passing ET would have looked upon it and said it was just like a virgin birth: impossible to conceive. But there it is, laid out upon the manger of the earth without any sensible explanation.