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Richard Dawkins What if you are Wrong?

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Below Is A Short Video Which I Challenge Any Evolutionist To Refute!

 The talk is by Dr John Sanford a professor whose academic career was mostly associated with Cornell University. His speciality is Population Genetics. Until he began questioning what he calls the Primary Axiom underpinning evolutionary theory he was a Theistic Evolutionist, believing God used the Darwinian process. His questioning led him to a series of astonishing conclusions based on his scientific speciality and many affirmations of Holy Scripture.

‘John Sanford graduated in 1976 from the University of Minnesota with a BSc in horticulture. He went to the University of Wisconsin–Madison where he received an MSc in 1978 and a PhD in 1980 in plant breeding/plant genetics. Between 1980 and 1986 Sanford was an assistant professor of Horticultural Sciences at Cornell University, and from 1986 to 1998 he was an associate professor of Horticultural Science. Although retiring in 1998, Sanford continues at Cornell as a courtesy associate professor. He held an honorary Adjunct Associate Professor of Botany at Duke University. Sanford has published over 70 scientific publications in peer reviewed journals.

He is a prolific inventor with more than 32 issued patents. At Cornell Sanford and colleagues developed the "Biolistic Particle Delivery System" or so-called "gene gun".[3][4][5] He is the co-inventor of the Pathogen-derived Resistance (PDR) process and the co-inventor of the genetic vaccination process. He was given the "Distinguished Inventor Award" by the Central New York Patent Law Association in 1990 and 1995. He has founded two biotechnology companies, Sanford Scientific and Biolistics. In 1998 he retired on the proceeds from the sale of his biotech companies, and continued at Cornell as a courtesy associate professor.’


Sanford argues the case for Genetic Entropy ( the title of his book). This means the degeneration of the human genome. A process which is taking us rapidly to the verge of extinction; a process which began at the Fall not so very long ago according to conclusions he has drawn from evidence accepted by all population geneticists. If you extrapolate back from the present rates of mutational damage then the age of humankind cannot be all that far removed from recorded history.